Membership & Sponsorship

Most associations need to maximise their membership. This means retaining and upgrading members as well as acquiring new ones.

An online application process is very useful as part of a process that gives a good initial impression to joiners while minimising tedious administration.

Acceptance processes vary from one association to the next. As they often involve officers as well as staff it's useful to have an automated process that supports this conveniently. Once a new member is accepted, induction information needs to be sent out and this, too, can be streamlined.

Renewals are vitally important to the financial health of any association. An ability to handle the annual task smoothly and efficiently is important. This means automating most of the steps so staff can focus on the cases where a little encouragement could produce results.

Billing should be as flexible as possible which is why your system should handle bulk payments (via BACS), credit card and cheque options.

If you opt for a 2-phase approach of agreement and payment, chasing should also be automated though a list of payments outstanding and automated reminder mails.

A full history of memberships over multiple year periods should also be provided. This is very useful information when interacting with members and can also be used for loyalty programmes if applicable.

In addition to the above, e-ssociation can help you drive up membership though events, publications, mailing campaigns etc.