Knowledge Management and Distribution

Distributing documents by eMail works very well on a one-to-one basis.

However, we have all experienced the problems of trying to find documents that arrived by email - and failing.

A web-accessible knowledgebase can solve this problem in any situation where a dispersed group of people need to share a set of documents. Committees and working groups invariably need these facilities.

This works in a very similar to the familiar model of networked disk drives but there are important differences:

  • The network is inclusive of any user wherever they are provided they have internet access and the appropriate login credentials;
  • Documents can more easily be searched and selected by means of stored metadata.

The organisation of such a knowledgebase can easily evolve over time by simply rearranging the folders.

Generally, document access rights (read, write or both) are controlled through the same mechanism as email groups. This means that the single action of adding someone to a group includes them in both forms of communication.