Core Systems and Data

Core systems such as accounts must be an integral part of an association management solution. For several reasons these are usually separate from operational data. This suggests that a good model is to link operational database containing all minute-to-minute data to a separate accounts system.

Operational Data

The members database is at the heart of an e-ssociation system. It holds information about members and manages their access to online resources. In addition, this database holds transactional data such as memberships, offices held, event attendance etc.

This is a relational database that can become quite complex if the application requires groups, event management, profiling etc. It also needs to evolve over time as organisational needs change. Tools are therefore provided to allow simple changes to be made conveniently.

A good backup and restore strategy is essential. It is best that this allows individual pieces to be restored in the event that a mistake is not detected as soon as it occurs. In this case a full restore is really not useful.

There are significant advantages to holding the master copy of this database within the e-ssociation server. However, if this is not practical we can usually find ways to synchronise with an external database.

In some cases we find that clients wish to upgrade from an old database. Uploading and de-duplicating tools facilitate this.