Commercial Case Study 1

A leading UK law firm runs a tight operation with a small IT staff and outsource a number of key systems including their CRM and knowledge management solutions. We were approached to assist them in rebuilding their marketing communications systems.

The initial project was to convert their large website to a CMS-based approach that their (non-technical) marketing staff can manage on a day-to-day basis. This involved creating a customised navigation system to accomodate their rather unusual requirements and in converting a large amount of existing content from their previous site. We worked with their chosen designers and later took over some of the design tasks.

This done, we worked on a system for production of their newsletters. They issue many of these and needed tools to achieve a consistent presentation, send many thousands of customised mails and track the resulting traffic.

We have since undertaken further projects including integration of their CRM system and a tool for accelerating the production of proposals. We provide on going support and hosting for the above systems.