e-ssociation Solutions

e-ssociation.net has developed specific modular solutions to address the unique communications and operational requirements of associations.

Elements are offered as a complete solution for "greenfield" applications. It may be, however, that your current suppliers do not have all the answers (e.g. database without web capabilities or vice versa). To minimise both cost and the need for customisation, we have developed an extensive range of optional modules that can be easily integrated with your existing IT systems to provide you with the functionality you need when you need it.

Solutions as a Service

The e-ssociation service is delivered on an "Application Service Provider" (ASP) basis. The benefits of this delivery method include:

  • No purchase of software - the service is provided on-demand
  • No installation of hardware - the service is provided online
  • Can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser (broadband is preferable but not essential)
  • Optional modules require little or no configuration and can be added instantly

Secure & Available

e-ssociation is a service you can rely on.

  • Our secure hosting provides 24 x 7 availability
  • Our fanatical support service is backed by a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to your needs
  • You have access to on-line case tracking to monitor progress of your support requests

Would you like to know more?

Please see Case Studies or simply contact us.