The e-enabled association

Our vision for any membership organisation is that business processes should be streamlined through effective IT provision so that staff may concentrate on the front-line activities they do best - i.e. working with members.

This can be challenging to achieve as you need a strategy that yields the right functionality and high availability at an affordable cost.

The e-ssociation approach is to help you plan and implement the right strategy and then guide you through implementation through a series of projects, providing all the supporting services you will need.

We are able to provide complete, hosted solutions, or, as is more commonly required, work with the solutions you already have in place to enhance those as needed.

If your focus includes increasing member satisfaction, attracting new members, maximising renewals, while achieving cost savings, e-ssociation is the solution for you.

Explore the features and benefits of e-ssociation's offerings, or contact us to arrange a demonstration.